Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aussan Naturals: REVIEW

I like to feed my family lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. It is not within our budget to buy only organic produce, but I do try to buy organic when I'm choosing something that's on the "dirty dozen" list. I'm fortunate to shop at a grocery store that has a wide variety of natural and organic foods. But even so, sometimes the produce I would like to buy is not available in organic. For example, last week conventional strawberries were buy one get one free. There were so many strawberries that there wasn't any space for the organic ones!

So that's why I was happy to try out Aussan Naturals products. Among many natural cleaning and household products, Aussan Naturals offers a fresh fruit and vegetable wash. From their website:

Spray firm produce, such as apples, bell peppers and tomatoes with a generous amount of Aussan Natural. Allow product to sit a few seconds, then rub well, rinse, & eat. For softer produce, such as lettuce, berries and broccoli, place in a colander & spray generously with Aussan Natural. Allow product to sit a few seconds, then rinse & enjoy. Leaves no residue or aftertaste!

It is 100% natural and non-toxic. I like that it is getting my produce cleaner than using water alone, and there really is no aftertaste.

I also had the opportunity to try out their all-purpose cleaner. For a few years now, I have only used natural cleaners in the kitchen. I like them because they work well but are healthier for my family. I know, I could just use vinegar and baking soda, but I really hate how vinegar smells. So I choose to spend a little more for a nicer scent. Aussan Natural has a very subtle scent. Nice!

I was provided with a free bottle of both Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner and All-Purpose Cleaner to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own. All product information comes from the product website.

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