Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess Who? Mix 'n Match: REVIEW

One of my girls' favorite things to do, either together or with me, is play games. Rich and I also love to play games, and have quite an assortment of board and card games that we often play after the little ones are asleep.

Audrey, in particular, has loved the game Guess Who? since she was about two. My in-laws still have the old set, and she used to love to flip the funny faces up and down and make her grandma tell her all their names.

Hasbro has come up with a new twist on Guess Who? called Guess Who? Mix 'n Match and they offered to let us try it out.

All three of the girls (ages 8, 6, and 3) were intrigued by the game when we first opened it up. It consists of fifteen different characters, each of whom has been split into three parts (forehead, eyes, and nose/mouth). Players choose one of each part and then ask the other players yes/no questions to try and figure out which pieces make up their character. The game is labeled for ages 8 and up.

Audrey (8) absolutely loves this game, as I thought she might. The characters are not drawn in a babyish way (something she is always concerned about), so it is appealing to older kids. There are animals, people, and monsters, so both girls and boys should be happy playing. Audrey likes the game so much that she is already planning on getting it for her friend's birthday in a couple of months.

Georgia (6) also likes to play, but is definitely just barely old enough to play independently. She can read, which is not absolutely essential to gameplay, but is helpful.

Sydney (3) can never be left out of anything. But she can enjoy this game, too, although not with her sisters. We play with the cards face-up, and she has to try to put together each face the "right" way. She has played it numerous times, and really likes it.

I think that this game is a great way for kids to practice logic as they narrow down the options for their character. I wish the stands used to hold the cards were sturdier; they are made of cardboard and have to be disassembled after each game. Other than that minor complaint, I think it's a fun game that parents can enjoy playing with their kids.

And a great time to play with the kids would be on National Family Game Night, sponsored by Hasbro, on September 29.

Find Hasbro on Facebook: or on Twitter @familygamenight for more updates on the latest games.

I was provided the game Guess Who? Mix 'n Mash by Hasbro free to try out. My opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any other way for this post.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, the stands don't have to be disassembled. They are short enough to fit in the corner of the box. :) It's better that they aren't. Disassembling them wears them down.