Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: GIVEAWAY

Who doesn't love a Magic Eraser? My personal favorite chore to use it on is to clean the refrigerator doors and handles. For some reason, other cleaners just don't get into the textured surface like a Magic Eraser does.

Mr. Clean has recently released a new version of a Magic Eraser specifically for cleaning bathrooms. It has the scent of Febreze and is larger for bigger jobs.

Mr. Clean sent my my own pack of Magic Eraser Bathroom Scrubbers to try out. They are billed for being useful for grout, tile, shower walls and doors, tubs, sinks, and counters. I tried it out on our shower floor, which has always been my toughest bathroom surface to clean. It is nubby like the front of a refrigerator, except even more textured. The dirt and soap scum get stuck in those crevices and is very hard to get out.

I have tried various scrub brushes and even regular Magic Erasers, but using the Bathroom Scrubber worked better. I liked the clean, Febreze smell as I was scrubbing, too.

Now I do have to say that you still have to scrub with the new Magic Eraser. But after scrubbing, I was able to achieve a clean shower floor.

I would recommend the Magic Eraser Bathroom Scrubber. Follow package directions to avoid damaging your surfaces or anyone's health.

Would you like to try them out yourself? Mr. Clean would like to give one lucky winner your own two-pack of scrubbers. Just leave me a comment telling me your toughest bathroom surface to clean. I will choose a winner on April 15 and the winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email. Please remember to leave a way for me to contact you!

I was sent a free pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bathroom Scrubbers to try out. I was not compensated in any other way for this post.


Anonymous said...

The bathtub! I always have to scrub away at it!

melanie said...

our shower is disgusting. it keeps turning orange. so, so gross. i scrubbed it really well before lilianna was born--i just can't understand why it isn't still clean...shouldn't that last a little longer?!?

daisy said...

def. the grout between the tiles