Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harumika fashion doll-Review and GIVEAWAY!

Audrey and Georgia have always been very particular about their clothes. Audrey, in particular, has clear opinions about what does and doesn't look good, and what does or doesn't go together. She went through a stage where she loved it if her outfit didn't match. Fortunately, I think that stage is over.

I was recently sent a new toy for my girls to review, and it played right in to their desire to dress the way they like best. The Harumika fashion doll is a dress form that comes with swatches of fabric and stickers so girls can design their own fashion ensembles.

The cool part about this toy was the easy way children can get the outfits to stay on the dress form. It has a special slit that kids use a stylus to push the fabric in, and then it stays wrapped around the doll. Here, it's easier to just look at the picture:

After the fabrics are folded, wrapped, and secured around the dress form, girls can use stickers to add details. The stickers include trim, decorations, jewelry, and accessories.

My girls enjoyed designing an outfit with this kit. The package indicates that the toy is for ages six and up. Audrey, 7, was able to play without any help. Georgia, 5, needed help with pushing the fabric into the back of the doll with the stylus. I think this would be the perfect gift for a little girl's birthday party.

For even more fun, kids can visit the Harumika web site and share their favorite designs.

Harumika has graciously offered to give one of my readers a fashion doll of her very own. To enter, just leave me a comment about a crazy outfit your child (or you!) has left the house wearing. US addresses only, please. The contest will end next Wednesday. Good luck!


Daisy said...

oh you know me- my kids can't leave the house in a crazy outfit;)... but they do love to play dress-up with our stash of dress up clothes. Even Noah can be found wearing a sparkly sequined shirt some days!

melanie said...

i am trying not to care that tessa left the house today in a navy and green polka dot halter top and a lavender tennis skirt. and it is coldish outside. this is what happens when mom stays in bed too long! (but seriously, why can't daddy redirect for a change?!?)