Saturday, August 8, 2009

Act Out! Game Review

I don't know about you, but I love shopping online instead of going to stores to choose gifts (especially with free shipping!). I recently found out about a website called ebeanstalk, dedicated to selecting good, safe learning toys and 5 year old toys. The unique side to their site is that all of their toys are chosen by moms that work with them. I was sent one of their toys to try out with my girls. The game they sent is called Acting Out! from Playroom Entertainment, who makes great educational toys.

Acting Out! is a card game geared for girls ages seven and up. It is a twist on charades, where girls have to both act out something (folding laundry, dunking cookies in milk) while at the same time "sounding out" something totally different (thanking parents for a gift, barking like a seal). It is silly fun, perfect for a sleepover.

Audrey, Georgia and I tried out the game a couple of times. Georgia was clearly too young for it, since she can only read a little bit. Audrey thought it was really fun, although I noticed there were some cards that she didn't understand (getting ready to go to a dance, imitate your fave ring tone). I think maybe the game would be better labeled as for ages 9 and up because of some of the more mature themes (NOT inappropriate, just not encountered at age 7 yet).

As far as learning with this toy, it is a great way for kids to learn to portray ideas in a variety of different ways. It stretches their vocabulary since they are not allowed to use any of the words on the cards and it stretches their imaginations, too!

Priced at $14.95 on the website (free shipping with $65 purchase), Acting Out! was fun and will continue to be fun as my girls get older. Especially at sleepovers with their silly friends!

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