Friday, July 17, 2009

Enfant Pediatric Vision Testing

*Disclaimer: This is a compensated post, sponsored by Enfant Pediatric Vision Testing.

I first got glasses in second grade and wore them until I finally was allowed to get contacts in seventh grade. My vision is horrible; without my glasses or contacts, I can't even see the big "E" on the vision chart. So I have always wondered about my girls and how their eyes will turn out to be.

Somehow, my husband has better than perfect vision (I don't know how that's possible, but there you go). Although I will say that my night vision is far better than his. So far, it seems that our girls have inherited his eyesight. And I hope that continues!

I was recently made aware of a new technology in vision testing for children. The Enfant Pediatric VEP Vision Testing System is, according to their information, a "non-invasive, child-friendly medical device that tests for visual preverbal children, ages six months and older." When testing young children, the system is able to assess vision without requiring a response from the child.

The Enfant is also able to test for amblyopia, or "lazy eye," in addition to several other vision disorders. The company has also developed an online assessment tool to help parents understand some of the red flags that may indicate a vision problem in their child.

Being able to see clearly is so important for children, and often they are unable to articulate their difficulty in seeing. I remember the first time I got my glasses in second grade and put them on. On the way home, I kept saying, "I can see the leaves on the trees!" I just couldn't believe that it was possible to see so well. Hopefully the Enfant can help many more children be able to see clearly.

*Disclaimer: This is a compensated post, sponsored by Enfant Pediatric Vision Testing.

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