Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tilty: "a better sippy cup" GIVEAWAY

The other day, Sydney got her first review product in the mail--Tilty, "a better sippy cup." Usually, Sydney would rather use a regular cup like her sisters, even though she is not yet two. But when she saw these new sippies, she wanted to try one out right away.
The Tilty is BPA free and dishwasher safe. It has a "snap on lid without a valve--as recommended by the ADA, American Dental Association." The cup also claims to have "ergonomic design [which] makes drinking easier and more comfortable."

The main difference I can see between the Tilty and our other go-to sippy, the Take-N-Toss, is the way the cup is angled to make it easier for babies to drink without tilting their heads back too much. Other than that, both cups are valve-less, which is good because children don't have to suck so hard to drink. The drawback is that cups without valves are DRIPPY. But that doesn't really matter if children are just drinking at mealtimes or snacktimes, when they are at the table anyway.

Sydney likes drinking out of her new cups. Since she is already used to drinking out of a regular (lidless) cup, it hasn't made a huge difference for her, but I can see how it would help a younger baby. A young baby would get a much more realistic drinking experience and would probably have an easier time transitioning to a regular cup after using the Tilty.

There was one minor problem I had with the Tilty--it is dishwasher safe (top rack) and due to the open bottom design, water pooled in the bottom of the cup extensively. Not a big deal, but it might be better to close off the bottom in future designs of the Tilty.

Tilty cups are available at select retailers or online at the Tilty website for about $6 for a two-pack. If you would like to win your own pack of two Tilty cups, please leave a comment. US addresses only, please. Contest ends Sunday, April 26.


suzannah said...

great giveaway! we're definitely in the market for a BPA-free sippy:)

gk said...


Susieqtpie said...

I've just recently seen these online! Would love to try them!! Thanks

Ronzy828 said...

I would definitely love to try these sippy cups. Thanks for the review!

S said...

I have been looking for a sippy for my 22mo after trying several and seeing him strain his little neck to try to get the milk out. Hopefully this will be the answer!