Sunday, April 19, 2009

JumpStart Online: GIVEAWAY

Audrey and Georgia love to play on the computer. Georgia, in particular, could probably play computer games all day, and is always sad when her allotted "screen time" for the day is up. They have a variety of games online they like to play, like PBS Kids, Disney, Nick Jr., and Starfall, but their favorites for a while have been our JumpStart games.

We have a bunch of JumpStart games and Georgia's favorite is JumpStart Artist. She loves creating her own artwork, puppets, and movies, and she spends lots of time mixing colors and even learning about real works of art.

Audrey likes JumpStart artist, as well. Her favorite kind of computer games are games in which she can explore through "worlds" and rack up prizes. Since she is now in second grade, it has been a bit harder for me to find online games that still give her a challenge.

That is why we were all excited when JumpStart contacted me to review their new online world at! This 3D online world offers children a fun way to learn while they don't even realize it. When kids start playing, they get to customize their own "Jumpeez," their character that will explore the different lands. Georgia loved this part. She made a white cat with a fancy skirt.

This is not her Jumpee, but you can get an idea for the different options. Once the Jumpee is made, there are different lands (Adventure Land, Story Book Land) where kids can play games. The girls had fun exploring the different lands and were excited to play more.
The only disappointment we had on JumpStart was that our computers are on the old side and the site kept freezing up. I don't know what exactly the issue was, but the girls are hoping that Rich will let them play JumpStart on Daddy's work laptop (newer) and that his computer will work better.
Overall, we love JumpStart products and the online world seems like a great addition to their line. And good news! JumpStart is offering one of my readers a free 3-month subscription for your kiddos! Just leave a comment on this post by Sunday, April 26.


Denise said...

Julia would love to try this!

Rachel said...

I would love to check this out--I love the new blog, Amy.

Susieqtpie said...

I would love to try this for my 10yo! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not much for kids to learn from the online jumpstart version.

Their site needs a lot of get people pay for it...

Diane Della Maggiora said...

I have been trying to register and it won't let me. I've tried different web browsers, but when I enter all our information, it pops up and says to re-enter my son's name. I can't even get the contact us link to work. I'm quite disappointed b/c I've used jumpstart products for over a decade now. (I have six kids)